Coin Purses

Coin Purses

Coin purses are the ideal accessory to organize all your small belongings in one place! These are ideal for loose change or even for your personal small belongings that are easily to lose. You can store your keys, notes, receipts, memory sticks – USBs, memory cards, SIM cards and shopping lists. A sort of one-in-all accessory for your tiny belongings.

These are very easy to carry in your pocket or bag without taking up much space. As nowadays, we need space to carry our smartphone, keys and some other essentials when we go out, a coin purse will make your life easier!

Our coin purses are made from high quality sheep leather or cow leather. The leathers which are used are soft and supple, giving you a smooth feel but at the same time are durable. These small purses are manufactured to high standards, ensuring its quality and longevity.

With these coin purses you don’t ever have to lose anything small again!

We have a wide variety of coin pouches, with zips or buttons as closure. All different designs, functionalities and sizes. Some of them have space for credit cards as well.