Credit Card Holders


Cards used to be small in number and thus easy to carry as we could easily slip it in our wallet, purse or even pocket. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore as the cards increase in number over time. For almost everything there is a card: credit card, debit card, business card, shopping card, membership card, ID card, travel card, medical card, gift card, driving license and many more!

Credit card holders are the solution to the fast-growing cards we possess. Store them in one place so you don’t have to check your whole wallet or purse to look for that one card you need at that exact moment. Or even worse, to realize you forgot the card you need at home.

You might even have bought a card holder before, but you weren’t pleased with it because of the easily tearing plastic sleeves. We only select and present to you the best credit card holders. Our credit card holders have strong plastic sleeves to carry all your cards.

Our range of credit card holder are made from genuine cow leather, these credit card holders can hold cards from 20 up to 55.

All made from real leather with a very smooth and soft feel, with a rough grainy look making it suitable for any type of clothing or wear.

We have different designs with and without press studs giving you a choice of our different products to whatever may be suitable for you.

Some of our credit card holders have unique and beautiful colours which is great as you can match your clothes, purses and handbags to the colours we have!

P.S We will be getting in more credit card holders soon. Stay tuned!