Credit Card Holder Book Model

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A small credit card holder has become a need for many in this day and age. Due to the growing number of cards, sometimes we aren’t able to keep all our cards in our wallet or purse. This is where having a card holder comes in handy. This credit card holder is made from genuine cow leather, making it a soft and smooth. It has a great feel and has been manufactured where it gives you an amazing experience by using this holder. The design is simple and sleek. It seems like a normal card holder but when you feel and use it, that’s when you see how lovely and great this little card holder is.

This credit card holder is designed as a book holder, it holds the cards on the leather holder itself and has many plastic sleeves. The sleeves are made from a good and thick plastic which you can just see by the feel. Not only that but the sleeves are reinforced making the plastic sleeves more durable and stronger. This leather card holder also has two hidden compartments where you can fit in a few more cards or store some notes.

Product features

  • Material: Cow leather
  • Colour: Black
  • Credit card pockets:
    • 2 card pockets on the right side
    • 2 card pockets on the left side
    • 24 card pockets for (credit) cards (= 12 plastic sleeves)
  • Cards can be put on both sides of the plastic sleeve (= strong plastic sleeves)
  • 2 hidden compartments (one the right side and the other one on the left side)
  • The plastic sleeves are not stitched onto the leather, so you can take out the plastic sleeves and use just the 4 sections/slots on the right & left side
  • Approximate measurements (Length x Width):
    • 10.8 cm x 7.8 cm
    • 4.25” x 3.07”

Package content: 1 x Credit card holder